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SAP AR Aging

An example of AR Aging information in an executive dashboard.

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SAP AR Aging

The SAP Finance module is incredibly powerful and flexible. But, somehow, SAP neglected to include a simple to use and easy to understand Accounts Receivable Aging report.

Yes, the information is in the system, but many of our customers have complained about the lack of a simple AR Aging report or dashboard that can, at a glance, give an overview of the AR Aging situation.

CONTAX has developed, and implemented for many of our customers, a neat, clean and user-friendly AR Aging dashboard. Executives can, at a glance, review their overall AR situation and assess if there are any issues.

The dashboard is developed in ABAP and will work with any SAP Finance system with little or no modifications.

To review the dashboard and see sample screen shots, click on the Download button on the left.

Contact us to find out more, or call +1 (312) 475-9706 and ask for Corey.

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